Don Ramiro, La Cenerentola
Portland Opera
July 2018

"Kent's performance in particular stood out for the quality of his voice. The tenor has both a power and clarity that feel effortless, and sometimes endless, on long notes."
The Oregonian/OregonLive

"Alasdair Kent’s Don Ramiro married striking good looks with delicious sound. Even on the highest notes, there was never a hint of shouting, just a reedy tone with warm sweetness and impressive agility."
San Francisco Classical Voice

Lindoro, L'Italiana in Algeri
Opéra de Toulon
April 2018

"Another voice of sunlight is that of Lindoro, the Italian slave. The role is entrusted to the young tenor Alasdair Kent, looking a fictional sailor boy straight out of a Jean-Paul Gaultier collection to an operatic soundtrack. His easiness of delivery coupled with a vocal and scenic maturity offer a beautiful contrast. In all, an astonishing journey through both stage presence and voice. His charm is truly touching. And his high notes, even to the absolute extreme, are capable of quietness approaching the most silent part of silence."

"Vocally, the largely-Italian cast.. is awarded a very honourable mention. Two particularly beautiful strands of voice stand out from the ensemble, that of Andrea Mastroni's Mustafà and that of Alasdair Kent as Lindoro. Both are comfortable in their roles, each displaying a valour and elegance of high, bel canto quality…"

Mambre, Mosè in Egitto
Teatro San Carlo di Napoli
March 2018

"Different things can be said of each of the three tenors: In proportion the smaller of the parts, Mambre is highly praised, thanks to the interpretation of Alasdair Kent, for the homogeneity of his voice and his singularly clear timbre.."
Connessi all'Opera

Lindoro, L'italiana in Algeri
Hungarian State Opera
November 2017

"The real direct hit was the performance of Alasdair Kent as Lindoro, a role that requires such an ideal Rossini tenor that it is rarely brought to life well onstage. Kent's voice is so beautiful, light and balanced, it is like listening to sunshine..its natural colours and unblemished heights crowning the production as a whole...It is a great pleasure to hear such a singer."

Lindoro, L'italiana in Algeri
Opéra Orchestre National Montpellier
September 2017

"But the great revelation of the evening remains the role taken by Alasdair Kent, Lindoro: nobility of line and projection, high notes, a 'Languir per una bella' all immersed with subtleties like lace, as if in a dream.. This is the tenore di grazia that Rossini called for!"

"Hopeful astonishment, on the other hand, when Alasdair Kent sings 'Languir per una bella'- the timbre is captivating, the nuances are all there and the trill is impeccable."

"One enjoys equally the beautiful timbre of tenore di grazia Alasdair Kent as his authentic Rossinian style, all sighs for Isabella."
Concert Classic

"..Lindoro has the voice of Alasdair Kent, voluptuous and sweet in the middle and the mixed high notes, elevated and lightened right to the border of head voice... Breath, the embodiment of the character, musicality, he wants for none."

"..he deploys an instrument of great clarity, and of beautiful projection."
Opera Online

Belfiore, Il viaggio a Reims
Rossini Opera Festival
Aug 2017

"As the self-obsessed Cavaliere Belfiore, Alasdair Kent makes you sit up and take notice. His theatrical performance ensnared.. his starry tenor scored points, with enormous shine in the high register, so that one can easily understand why Corinna feels rather attracted to the violently flirting Cavaliere Belfiore than to the always melancholy Lord Sidney. The great duet between Tassinari and Kent was a musical highlight of the performance."
Online Musik Magazin

"Alasdair Kent proved a very positive impression... His voice is steadfast, unwavering and sure, but at the same time extraordinarily sweet, and gave hope that the Rossini Opera Festival has found a new… well, better not to say and wait for events to unfold."
Pesaro Urbino 24

"As Belfiore, Alasdair Kent was exactly spot-on, fresh and brilliant.."
L'Ape musicale

Rossini Opera Festival
Jul 2017

"..he conquered the audience's sympathy with an intelligent approach and a captivating interpretation... An extremely sweet voice, powerful and sure, that had no difficulty... Kent reminded of Juan Diego Florez' first appearances in Pesaro, at ROF.."
Pesaro Urbino 24

Giocondo, La pietra del paragone
Wolf Trap Opera
Jun & Jul 2017

"The single standout performance comes from Alasdair Kent who.. nails his Act 2 aria Quell'alme pupille with some impressively acrobatic runs."
Washington City Paper

"Alasdair Kent sounded to the bel canto born with his evenly produced tenor, refined technique and intense expressiveness."
Opera News

"Tenor Alasdair Kent displayed serious bel canto credentials as Giocondo.. with finesse in the melismatic pyrotechnics and a lyrical legato tone up to some very high notes."
Washington Classical Review

"Alasdair Kent delivered the high tenor note of the evening as Giocondo; beautiful, thrilling, and all that you hoped it would be.."

"tenor Alasdair Kent.. offered some remarkable old-style vocal pyrotechnics.. swelling a note from gentle near-silence to full-throated trumpeting."
Washington Post

Ritornello, L'opera seria
Wolf Trap Opera
Jul 2016

"Alasdair Kent showed considerable promise as Ritornello.. there was impressive warmth in the tone, a good deal of agility in coloratura flights.."
Opera News

Don Odoardo, Don Procopio
Lost and Found Opera
Jun 2016

"The soloists were each quite remarkable...Tenor Alasdair Kent’s lyrical solo at the beginning of the second act was a moment of extraordinary beauty.."
The Australian

"the highlight came early in the form of Alasdair Kent’s wonderful Serenade.."
Limelight Magazine


"a tenore di grazia with a Ferrari shift of gears.."

“Alasdair Kent sang a perfect “Una furtiva lagrima,”.. in a haunting lyric tenor with diminuendos and swelling of tone that was pure magic.”
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

“Alasdair Kent's Count Almaviva exhibited a sweet, limber tenor and was the picture of dreamy nobility.”
Opera News